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How To Choose The Perfect Company To Send A Package

For a few years now, home deliveries have skyrocketed. Users have accommodated themselves to the advantages of online shopping and no longer want to know anything about standing in long queues or personally carrying packages to their homes, the digital age has become a bestseller!

With this boom, a number of parcel companies have come out to make shipments with a diversity of characteristics, qualities and rates. But how to choose the most suitable? In this article we explain how to do it step by step.

The speed

We live in the world of immediacy, so this is going to be one of the most important aspects when choosing a good courier company. Customers want their products to arrive at their homes as soon as possible and, on many occasions, they are even willing to pay a little more to do so. Look at the terms offered by each company before making a decision.

The different rates

Although speed is a value today, you should not take your eyes off budgets and look at the economy of your e-commerce or your store. It is good to look at it a bit with a magnifying glass, since, on some occasions, there are companies that seem more expensive but include a greater variety of services or shipping methods. Take everything into account to make a real assessment of the costs.

A shipping manager

A little advice to improve the quality of shipments and control the path of the parcel is to bet on applications. This will provide you with great comfort and will help you assess the quality of the company to which you are entrusting your transport, since you will have everything much more controlled first-hand to know how well they are working. It not only allows you to manage your business from the electronic devices you have in your possession, but also to find better prices! Use the platform to make a round business.

The conditions in international shipments

The Internet has made our markets expand like never before, with many facilities to trade with all parts of the world. This can be wonderful for expanding a business, but it can also be a real headache if we discover that the conditions of the courier company are very complex when operating abroad. Anticipate the circumstances and take a good look at this part of the conditions, even if you are not going to use it yet.

Extra services

Some parcel companies limit themselves to offering you juicy rates for the most basic services: taking the packages to your destination in a stipulated time. However, they can present complications if you need something else from them. Take into account all the extra services that can be included in their rates and that can benefit you. For example, direct customer service or an urgent delivery method in 24 hours. These are aspects that you may need more than you imagine at first and that will help make your business profitable.


What Can and Cannot Be Sent By Mail?

Although practically everything you can think of can be sent by parcel companies, there are some objects that are totally prohibited.

Whether for national territory or outside of it, there are policies on what is prohibited to send. In this article we will show you which those objects that cannot be sent are.

After extensive research and reviewing the policies of the main shipping companies, we saw what can be sent by companies and what cannot.

It is important that you take a look at this article so that you take your precautions.

It cannot be sent by post

These are, roughly speaking, what you cannot send by parcel, in any company in The US and surely in the world.

  • Firearms, explosives, triggers, even those that are thrown away at Christmas and parties, nothing that can make implosions.
  • Perishable food, except the companies commissioned for it.
  • Oxidants and organic peroxide.
  • Liquids, unless they are well packed and protected so they do not spill.
  • Radioactive, flaming, or magnetic material.
  • Substances that may be poisonous or infectious.
  • compressed gases
  • Lubricants, greases, oils.
  • Archaeological works.
  • Securities, such as money, gold, precious metals, coins, diamonds.
  • Spray.
  • Living beings, such as a cat or any animal (or human being).
  • Narcotic drugs, unless they are legal for medical use.
  • Objects that you do not have permission to send and without express authorization for that purpose.
  • Some companies do not allow pornography, especially if it is illegal, such as child pornography.
  • Exotic animal skins.

Check with each company what can be sent and what cannot, each company has its shipping policies and you have to take into account that some can accept what you want to send.

Now that what cannot be developed, then what can be sent:

It can be sent by post

Simple, everything else that is not reflected before. But we leave you a list of what you can send by companies, according to their policies:

  • Herbs and spices, which are properly identified by category and type.
  • Gold jewelry, which is ready to wear, not raw gold bullion or similar.
  • Alcoholic beverages that are properly packaged so that they do not break on the way, these bottles are usually made of glass.
  • Works of art with their corresponding invoice and that they are packed correctly so that they do not break on the way.
  • If they are perishable foods, find out the shipping conditions so that you comply with them and thus be able to send those foods to any part of The US.
  • Clothes, shoes and other fashionable things is the most sent.
  • Technological devices such as computers and similar equipment can be shipped, as long as they are well packed.
  • Cosmetics and beauty items
  • Items of all kinds for the home.
  • Everything else you can think of.

What defines what can or cannot be sent?

There are certain rules and restrictions for parcels across the country. The shipping companies are attached to them to receive or not the packages… Each one has the right to receive or not the packages.

Since 2011, regulations based on the Parcel and Courier Regulations have been in force throughout The US. It is a mandatory law.

So the companies are governed by that law and that’s where the refusal comes from when you try to send a product and they say it’s prohibited.

Although according to the Regulation of Messaging and Parcel of The US in its article 19, it says that no package can be opened.

That these are inviolable and can only be opened under express order issued by the corresponding entity, is a law that can change.

It is best to avoid confrontations with the law by risking sending a product that is strictly prohibited.

Make your shipment

Now that you know what can or can be sent, it is up to you to prepare your parcel and go to the company of your choice to place it.

Remember that you must pack it according to the content, protecting the packaging well so that it does not break during transport.

It also requires your invoice where the guide number appears so that you can track the package and know the stages of the trip. So you can be aware when it is about to reach the recipient.

The receipt is proof that you sent something with that company and guarantee for claims in case something unexpected happens with it.

Final recommendations

Depending on what you are going to send, check the labels of the product and its possible risks. Whether it contains liquid or gas, by making sure you can avoid accidents.

If you take these precautions, the shipments will be safer not only for you, but for all the packages that are traveling on the freight.

All shipments with dangerous goods must be packed and labeled as stipulated by the company in question.

A correct shipment and sticking to the rules guarantees the quality of the service of the company you have chosen.