International shipping of envelopes and urgent documents

Companies and individuals can take advantage of our express delivery service for urgent documents and letters. We collaborate with the best courier companies in the world, to ensure that we send your urgent documents in the shortest possible time to almost anywhere in the world. Get instant pricing to send urgent envelopes and documents anywhere in the world.

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Why use the envelope delivery service?

  • Shipping within 24 hours in the US; 48-72 hours in the rest of the world
  • Send passports, contracts, documents, letters and more
  • Secure deliveries with a tracking number

International shipping of documents and envelopes: dimensions and weight

Maximum size up
to 35 x 28 cm

Maximum weight up
to 2 Kg


What can be sent through the international envelope delivery service?

  • Contracts, logistical and commercial documents;
  • Passports, visa applications and other personal documents;
  • printed tickets, business cards, catalogues, blank forms, forms and calendars;
  • Photos as part of business reports, publications not intended for resale;
  • Diaries and personal letters to friends and family.

International document delivery in the shortest time possible

Every minute counts when sending urgent documents. To facilitate the process we will take care of selecting the courier company according to your requirements and we will organize the service on your behalf. All you have to do is book the shipment and prepare your envelope for when the courier arrives. We will make sure that your international shipment of letters or envelopes is done as quickly as possible, by plane and without going through customs.