Frequently asked questions about sending international envelopes and urgent letters

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What cannot be sent with the envelope delivery service?

Although it is possible to send dozens of types of paper documents through the envelope delivery service, it has limitations:

  • Credit cards or any other type of magnetic cards: any card detected inside the envelope will be destroyed;
  • money, checks;
  • Any type of item that will fit in an envelope, but is not a document or letter.

What happens if a small item has been shipped inside the envelope?

If you put objects or small items inside the envelopes, the shipment will automatically be considered as an express package. This means that, although your shipment will be delivered within 24-72 hours, it will go through all the control and customs processes, including X-rays and possible inspections. You may have to pay duties and other customs charges.

How long does it take for an urgent letter to arrive?

When sending an urgent envelope, delivery will be made in 24 hours within the US and 48-72 hours in the rest of the world, depending on the selected route. Keep in mind that courier companies may have delays in high season or on holidays and that external complications can always arise.

Is it possible to send urgent letters or documents during the weekend?

In some countries, it is possible to arrange the collection of envelopes on Saturday and deliver them the next business day. However, there are no deliveries of envelopes or urgent documents during the weekend. If you need more information about sending documents internationally on weekends or holidays, contact our experts.

How does the insurance work in the envelope delivery service?

Extended liability will apply to domestic and international shipments of envelopes as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • There are no prohibited items inside the envelope;
  • The customer can provide proof of value of the contents of the envelope.

What happens if my documents do not fit in the envelope?

If your documents do not fit in an envelope with the specified measurements, you will not be able to book an envelope delivery service. In case your documents do not fit in one envelope, you can put them in more than one envelope and take advantage of our special prices for shipments up to 2Kg. Alternatively, you can send urgent documents abroad in a box using our express shipping service and enjoy of a delivery solution with tracking included in 24-72h all over the world.

How can I know that my urgent documents have been delivered?

All our international document delivery services have tracking included to locate the shipment. The system will tell you if the package has reached its destination. You can add delivery confirmation to your shipment of urgent letters or documents for added security. Contact our experts via chat or email for more information.