Transport and removal services within and outside the US

Organize your move easily with Casa Postal Mailbox Company. We offer transport and storage services for removals for individuals and companies. You can book a service to transport all your belongings to any address. Receive a free quote to know the price of a moving service or a transfer within or outside the US.

When can I use the transfer and removal services?

Removals for individuals

Moving abroad

We offer convenient solutions for moving for work, volunteering or any other reason.

Removals for students

We organize cheap removals so that you can send your belongings directly to a residence or shared flat.

Removals for companies

Office Move

Organize an office move with us. Casa Postal Mailbox Company helps you hire transfers and removals of offices inside and outside the US.

Work relocation

We will arrange transportation of personal belongings and furniture for your employees. Only with the best international moving companies.


Cheap removals in the US with a van for exclusive use

We know that security and speed are essential when hiring a move. That is why we offer you a van transport service so that you can move all your belongings easily and effectively. Enjoy an exclusive use vehicle with which to move all kinds of items. Ideal for transfers and international removals in the US.

Our moving transport service is available in the US, nationally and internationally.


Packaging for your international moving services

It doesn’t matter if you only want to transport a few belongings or if you need to move an entire house or office, we will find the transport solution that suits you best. Your only responsibility is to protect and pack all your items.