Road car transport service options

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We transport your car from one city to another, no matter what model it is. Through a range of different transport solutions, we offer reliable short and long haul car shipping services throughout the US. These are some of the options available.

Ready to send your car abroad?

Car transport in closed truck – first class service on special occasions

Safety is the most important thing for our customers. Transporting cars in a closed truck is the safest option. This mode of car transport by road is ideal, as it protects the car from any damage during transit. Especially useful for the transfer of luxury cars or racing cars, unique models, prototypes, historical models and prestigious cars.

Our closed truck car transport service provides personalized solutions with reduced risks. Through a trusted network of car transport companies, we cater to all your car shipping needs, providing secure and discreet delivery options.

When to use our car transport service?

When you move to another city or country

When buying or selling a car

When you send your car to a repair or paint shop

When your car broke down and you need reliable transportation

When you need it to travel

In case of emergency


How to prepare your car to send it to another country

We recommend that you check the following list before sending your car abroad:

  • Cleaning: Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle
  • Condition Check : Check fuel and other fluid levels and take notes on overall performance
  • Documentation: Prepare all the necessary documents, especially if it is a sale
  • Proof: Take pictures of your car before shipment to serve as proof